Three most popular trucks in America

The trucks are an essential part of the American Economy since they are considered the workhorses of the roads. They play a very vital role in ensuring that the transportation of goods from factories to their rightful destination. Many manufacturing companies, for instance, have invested heavily in having a reliable fleet of trucks to ensure that timely transportation of goods is done. Within, the American setup, there exist some truck models and which are produced by some of the best Truck Companies. In our article, we will look at the three most popular ones and why?

Ford F-series Trucks

When it comes to the Mini trucks of the road, then Ford leads the way. The models are one of the highly sort after in the U.S market, mainly due to their performance features. In 2017, Ford Company sold close to 700,000 Ford Truck model series with the F-series truck models being the best selling ones on the list. Much of the Ford’s F-Series models have undergone advanced redesigning, with the new generation models offering high performance concerning speed, engine power, body design and weight. In 2017, Ford introduced the Ford Pursuit Rated Police Version with cutting-edge upgrades. The Truck can hit top speeds up to 100 mph and powered by a V6 engine that generates a total of 375 horsepower. At night, the driver will not worry about anything since the Ford Headlights are designed to provide the ultimate lighting system. The F-series models start with F-150 all the way to F-450. In general, the Ford Trucks can be said to be the American road powerhouse, and they live to that billing.


Freightliner Truck Model

The Freightliner Truck Company manufactures this truck, and it is one of the favorite lorries on American Roads. Due to its popularity, the model has a market share of about 40%, and the company currently employs over 3000 workers making it the largest truck manufacturer. The 2007 Freightliner Model is considered to be the company’s favorite truck as a result of its overall design and user-friendly systems. Its latest model dubbed, The Super Truck is regarded as the most advanced model the company has made. It has state-of-the-art aerodynamic general style combined with cutting-edge technology fitting from the front to the rear. Also, it is believed to get a total of 12 mpg.


Peterbilt 379

This Truck model is among the favorite truck on the American road systems. It is manufactured by the Peterbilt Company one of U.S.A’s most prominent Truck manufacturers. This Truck model is particularly popular with the drivers who engage in long-haul trucking. The truck has been made famous due to some reasons. These include; nicely fitted signature features such as high stacks, the long hood, Aluminum body and an excellent turning radius capability. The engine power is unique to give this monster the much-needed ability to hit the road for long distances. All Peterbilt trucks are generally customized ground up so any feature you will want to be added, they will be happy to do it for you.